Who We Are

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PATEL TRADING CO was established in year 2003, and it is doing ethical business practice as manufacturer, supplier, distributor and a trader since it was established. Now It is a company with head office in Surat(Gujarat) and 4branch offices accordingly in Ahmadabad, Gandhidham, Hyderabad and Perumbavoor(Kerala) and will keep growing with more branches.

The company has many positive points called ethics, in each way of working and at each stage of execution of work. Company has a strong TEAM of 30 experts in different field of work required. The TEAM deals with work with full confidence yet a humble behavior in office and production unit. Even smallest task are being done with proper manner and care. The coordination of team leads us all to the outcome of COMPANY’s PROGRESS. Progress doesn’t mean to have thick profit; COMPANY thinks big and takes steps towards it. According to company, the PROGRESS means stability in market, financial soundness, quality assurance among all competitors, satisfaction of clients and moreover familiar relation and strong bonding with clients with our products. Company has achieved that progress successfully.

The Company has earned an identity of unique enterprise, so company is at top in the priority list of our clients. Serving satisfaction and advantages in market made our client list keep upgrading and it is still going on…

We are glad to announce that our clients are satisfied with our curiosity in company service with huge production line, bulk production capacity and customized solutions.

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[image_with_text image=”3279″ title=”Our Mission” title_color=”#81d742″]“To bring quality product & edge technology with value added support in a meaningful & excited way to serve entire industries of india “[/image_with_text]
[image_with_text image=”3280″ title=”Our Vision” title_color=”#81d742″]“Empower the industries by uplifting the entire Eco system fro creating a batter tomorrow”[/image_with_text]